16 ft H & H Gooseneck Dump Trailer $8300.00*

The box on this unit is 83″ x 16′.  It has 7,000# axles with electric brakes and a gross vehicle weight rating of 14000 pounds.  It has load range E tires on 8 Bolt white mod wheels.  The trailer includes ramps stored underneath the bed and a three way rear gate which has barn doors as well as the capability to swing the gate from top or bottom.  The hydraulic system is powered by a 12 volt deep cycle battery which is recharged through the trailer chord attached to the towing vehicle.  It also has a 110 volt on board charger than plugs in to an extension chord.


*Pricing Note:  In the last 18 months trailer prices have gone up several times due to the tariffs on materials.  The price quoted above was good on 4/30/2019 but since prices are subject top change we can not guarantee this price for more than 30 days.