5 bale $__________

6 Bale $5300.00,

7 Bale $5500.00,

8 bale $6200.00

The 5, 6, & 7 bale trailers have 7k axles with brakes on one axle. The 5 & 6  bale trailers have 10 ply tires, the 7 bale has 12 ply tires and the 8 bale has 14 ply tires with brakes on both axles. They all have a 12 volt hydraulic system with a remote control pad to tilt the trailer and set the wheel locks during loading and unloading.

Tilted trailer showing tilt cylinder and brake locking cylinder.
Rear view of the tilted trailer.
Brake lock mechanism to prevent the trailer from being rolled forward when pushing bales on from the back.
Front view of 8 bale trailer tilted toward the passenger side.
Left side in transport mode.
Rear view showing signal lights and top of bale carrier rails
Side view showing axles and location of power package and control storage box.
Hydraulic Controls including 12 volt Interstate deep cycle battery which recharges through the trailer wiring, remote control pad for tilting the trailer and the brake lock control .