Deckover Tiltbed


Rear view show the thin knife edge allowing the trailer to hug the ground when tilted. The rear bumper folds up when the trailer tilts. Note the tread plates over the tires. This design enables the trailer deck height to be a few inches closer to the ground.
Tool box containing 12 volt hydraulic pump, battery and remote control pad.
Left side view showing trailer fully tilted.
Twin cylinders under the bed give plenty of stability for the tilted deck.
Right side view with the trailer fully tilted. Note 8″ I beam frame, 10K spring loaded drop leg jack and 16″ 8 bolt wheels and radial tires.
Trailer shown in transport position with front tool box that contains the hydraulic system.

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14,000# GVWR, 8′ wide, 22′ long, electric hydraulic tilt with 12 volt hydraulic pump and corded remote control pad.